2018 Fees & Charges

The school aims to provide a wide range of learning experiences to it's student body to maximise learning and improve learning outcomes for our students.

Quality materials and technologies in some cases can be expensive.

Subject fees are charged in courses where additional materials and equipment are used to support learning. 

These fees assist the school in covering the cost of providing and maintaining this equipment and these materials so that course outcomes can be achieved safely and students can receive the most benefit from their learning both now and into the future. 

In planning for the year the school determines academic program budgets on the basis of this fee assistance.

Students and parents must be prepared to pay for materials before selecting some courses. 

In courses where fees are not forthcoming, the school may need to review the range of activities it can delivery effectively beyond the mandatory curriculum.


The link below provides details of course fees for the current year.


2018 Fees & Charges (pdf 104 KB) (Updated 14/12/2017)