Leave or Exemption Request

Where parents are planning an absence from school attendance for 5 days or more one of the forms attached must be completed by the parent/carer. An appointment may need to be made with the Principal (dependent on number of days applied for) to discuss the request..

Best practice is to always:

  • Make the request as far in advance as possible to assist planning and to minimise disruption to the student's learning.
  • Ensure all supporting documentation is attached if applicable (ie. travel plans/itineraries etc )


Form 1 & 2 - Leave application - for absences eg family holidays, social events.

          Form 1:  5 - 10 days leave    Leave form 5-10 days (pdf 477 KB)

          Form 2:  Over 10 days leave    Extended Leave form (pdf 374 KB)  


Form 3 - Attendance Exemption application - for exceptional domestic cirsumstane eg long periods of sick leave (surgery, recovery) etc.  Application for Exemption (pdf 529 KB)