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Last updated 12:52 PM on 8 October 2011

Family, friends and colleagues gathered recently at the Yarrawarra Cultural Centre, Corindi, to celebrate with the recipients of the inaugural North Coast Aboriginal Education Awards.

The awards highlighted the achievements of students, staff and community members in a variety of fields from academic studies to leadership and the performing arts.

The Corindi Public School choir sang in the Gumbaynggirr language during the awards ceremony, which also featured the South Grafton High School dancers.


2010 North Coast Aboriginal Education Awards

Student awards

Encouragement award - Kelsea Staden (Kempsey High School) and Keanah Scholes (South Grafton High School)

Outstanding achievement in sport - Madeleine Richey (South Grafton High School) and Jaiden Walker (Scotts Head Public School)

Outstanding achievement in performing/creative/visual arts - Jayden Reti (South Grafton High School)

Student leadership award - Manduway Dutton (South Grafton High School) and Lani Riley (Tweed River High School)

Academic excellence award (School Certificate) - Madeleine Richey (South Grafton High School)

Staff awards

Outstanding contribution to educational achievement by an Aboriginal staff member - Wendy Dalton (South Grafton High School) and Fran Williams (Grafton High School)

Outstanding contribution to educational achievement by a non-Aboriginal staff member - Howard Piggott (Kempsey High School) and Keri-Maree Bollen (Kempsey West Public School)

Community awards

Award for outstanding contribution to educational achievement by a community member - Steve Brereton (Forster Public School)

Award for outstanding educational leadership - Ritchie Donovan (Scotts Head Public School)

(Exerpt from the SIDE by SIDE School News e-newsletter)