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Last updated 12:52 PM on 8 October 2011

Congratulations to our new student leaders who have been elected for 2011. They are to be commended for their participation in our extensive leadership program. Special congratulations to our Senior Executive:

School Captains:            Katherine Alford and Byron O'Neill

School Vice Captains:     Kelly Rampling and Jay Larkin

Secretary/Treasurer:      Ryan Cox

Publicity Officer:             Emma Dinsey

Events Coordinator:        Riley Hodgson and Jae Phillips


SRC Representatives:

Year 7:     Zoe Boxsell, Brayden Clark, Jackson Cullen and Danielle Phillips

Year 8:     Harrison Faux, Paige Greacen, Joel Kelleher, Elsie Rampling, Jack Skelly and Grace Sleba 

Year 9:     Jack Anthony, Karla Barton, Sammy-Jo Curtis, Kelsey Semple, Daniel Tarbuck and Art Warne

Year 10:   Caetlyn Bell, Elizabeth Boneham, Geordie Forrest, Georgia Kelleher, Blake McKenzie, Jae Phillips, Mitchell Phillips and Billy Skelly

Year 11:   Katherine Alford, Zak Britton, Ryan Cox, Emma Dinsey, Riley Hodgson, Jay Larkin, Byron O'Neill and Kelly  Rampling