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Last updated 2:26 PM on 20 May 2016

As from 12 May 2016 applications for free school travel in rural and regional NSW will need to be completed online instead of using paper forms.

Please Note:  With 2016 rural and regional travel entitlements already issued for the year, most parents, guardians and students won't need to re-apply and should continue to use their current travel entitlement.  A new application will only be required if the student has never been approved for free school travel before.  However, you need to update student details online if the student:

  • Is moving from Year 6 to Year 7
  • Is changing schools
  • Is changing address
  • Has lost their bus pass
Please see the attached brochure for further information; Transport Information Pg 1 (pdf 134 KB) Transport Information Pg 2 (pdf 124 KB)