Digital Citizenship/Cyber Safety

Cybersafety should be a concern for everyone and we all have responsibilities in relation to the way in which we use technology.  The sites below provide tips and advice on Cybersafety and what to do when things don't go so well.

Remember if you are ever concerned about online content or the activities of other students online you should speak to a trusted adult as soon as possible.  They may help you solve the problem.  The chances are that it won't just go away and it can escalate very quickly.

  • Tell the bully in simple terms to leave you alone. Tell them not to contact you again. Log off immediately and stay offline for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not reply to any future mail from the bully. Do not reply to taunts, emails or gossip written about you. By ignoring taunts, you take the power away from the harasser and refuse to play their game. You are now in charge.
  • Never give your password or logon details to anyone, even your best friends. It's really easy for someone to log on to your Facebook, Bebo or MySpace site and post any kind of rubbish if they know your password.
  • Stay out of chat rooms where you don't feel comfortable.
  • Keep all harassing emails (and any replies you've made) as evidence.
  • If you feel you are in physical danger or if the bully has made physical threats against you, tell your parents immediately and they can decide if it's appropriate to contact authorities.


 Information for students: 

       Deal with Cyberbullying             Your digital footprint           CyBerSmArt 

       MoBiLe FoNe SeCuRiTy            StR8tLk         MinD your MoBiLe mAnnErS


Information for parents:   

                Aust Gov.Cybersmart website                             10 Easy Cybersafety Tips   

                Using Mobile phones safely                                What the experts say...    

               Active kids cope better                                        


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